Alanis Morissette - Ironic (by heyimjason)

Podetron: A little meditation on irony from Ms. Alanis Morissette.  Takin’ it back to the 90s.  What do you think—considering the definition of irony, ironic or not?  I will upload the lyrics as well so you can do a true analysis.

the only thing i find ironic about this video is the lyrics other than that i see no irony

What kind of hero is Batman?

Batman is a tragic/anti-hero due to the fact that he became a hero because his parents were shot and killed in front of him when he was a child. he wanted to avenge their deaths and swore that what happened to him would never happen anyone else. the anti-hero comes into play because the cops say he is a vigilante and though he doesn’t kill people his methods are a bit harsh. however after other heroes started to pop up and the Justice League was formed he started getting less crap from people and cops.  

Respond to these questions today, January 30, 2012
What does the word HERO mean to you? Did Gilgamesh seem heroic to you? why, why not? Discuss among yourselves, by blogging and reblogging, why you would or would not classify Gilgamesh as a hero.
Chris.J: I'm a nerd so this sounds cheesy but i think a hero is someone like Superman, someone who doesn't give in a fight and doesn't back down when someone bigger knocks them to the ground. Now i do not believe that Gilgamesh was a hero. Nothing he did was heroic except killing the bull and that wasn't really heroic. in my opinion he was a bit of a crybaby. because of his friends death he wants to be immortal. that is actually a stupid idea seeing as immortality is a curse not a gift. consider this how would you like to live forever but watch your loved ones die, you try to move on but it happens again and again. then you realize what a mistake it was but you cant take it back.